L.A.M.E. 1 Sex Swing Furniture,

NEW Doorway Pull Up Bar Sex Swing - $135.79 USD


- Amorous Education with Family Friendly Entertainment & Promotions!



For the tax savvy perspective, meaning: the business minded

(self-employed - corporate - sole proprietors - small entities).

Here's a Scenario: Guests come over, all they see is a doorway pull up bar

- inner thought "Ah staying fit"


In the tax code, there is a clause for supporting healthy living amongst the employer's employees.

- it is a tax write off or benefit for employers / self - employed / employees or something to that effect.


What i do know is offering continuing education (Going Back to School)

- Is more to the point an overall benefit to the company as a whole,

a more educated work force is a plus.


Also, there are TAX guidelines for up keeping a healthy workforce


- be it membership at an exercise establishment or buying exercise equipment!

Exercise memberships, equipment, etc., do not quote i on this one

- ask around, if giving a "doorway pull up bar" as a present, is a tax write off?


Does little to no damage to ones' apt., suite, condominium, house, mansion, office, board room, etc.


for the Individual L&me1s, the purchase has Nothing to do with the tax code or guidelines

- Just because, never had a Sex Swing or always wanted to invest in a

Doorway Pull-up Bar (Sold Separately)!

This is what a L.A.M.E. SWING looks like when assembled with a

Doorway Pull-up Bar (Sold Separately)




L&me1s this is nothing more than Amorous Threshold Amour,

Could be given as a newlywed honeymoon gift and then some!


LIONELL INC has already paid for the manufacturing

of the LAME 1 SWINGS some time ago ! 


The total to get the LAME 1 SWINGS here

for distribution is more of a philosophical thought now. 


L.A.M.E. ONE 101;


Once we have reached our quota of 101 pre-sales / orders

– then the LAME 1 SWINGS will be air freighted

to the fulfillment center for distribution.


Emails will be sent to the LAME 1 SWING

purchasers every time we hit a 25 in sales milestone!

& orders from other areas, other than U S

– there will be no NO Shipping & Handling



L.A.M.E. 1



PayPal Acceptance Mark

$135.79 USD


Today 7/14/2016 I checked the web to price check other Sex Swings (Lovemaking Swing), so L.A.M.E. 1 asking PRICE would not be off. Then i reread the bottom part of L&ME1WaterForLife.Org and a short synopsis:

When it came time to purchase stuff like sex swings-etc, there were 2 major problems: The costs and the unusual damage that I would have to do to my residence in order to set-up some of the stuff.

I am somewhat of an inventor and as part of Emperor of Love I have created a realm called - Ambassador of Love Erotica. This realm deals with house/apartment friendly romantic paraphernalia. What that means is the swings and so on in this product line was designed to be portable for easy storage and stealthy when in plain view.

This is some of L.A.M.E. 1 thoughts around 2001

Price adjustment: $135.79 USD

Previous Price: $1,001.69


Higher Education

L.A.M.E. ONE 101;



L.A.M.E. 1 manifesto, 250 pre-order quota before sending for the L.A.M.E. 1 SWING’s

– L.A.M.E. 1 SWING already manufactured around February 2016


L.A.M.E. 1 Fashion

FREE Gift Tote Bag

"17 & Below Stay In School"

with any

L.A.M.E. 1 Rogue Scholars book PURCHASE

while supply's last!


L&ME 1 Definition of 'Escargot Mail':


Escargot Mail (Electronic Snail Mail);

ESCARGOT + MAIL = Electronic Snail Mail;


Snail Mail = Mail Delivered by Hand / example:

United States Postal Service




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